Roofing Project Continues!

Wow! Thank the Lord for providing for us to get the roofing tiles to Nueva Guinea. It was quite an ordeal to do it. I had to call into the capital Managua which is 6 hours away for about a week trying to locate the material. Than finally through prayer I talked to the representative for the tiles to the country and than the representave for all the Sinsa hardware stores to Nicaragua. Through Sinsa I was able to get a discount and the tiles to Juigalpa which is only 4 hours away. From there I contracted a private truck and had the tiles brought back. It was a lot of calls and 3 four hour bus rides to get the job done. But thank you Jesus we know have the tiles. Now to install them……

Danny and Christian are going to be helping us as they are low on work and could use it. Danny does worship and sound and Christian likes to share his faith and council others about Jesus. God bless you this week! More updates to come!





These last 3 months have been trying with the protests here in Nueva Guinea. Many nights of light sleeping as one had to check for robbers in the night. Kids that have stopped playing in the traditional way and began to play barricades with police and protesters. Just yesterday I removed a road block that was put up by little kids outside of the church.  The country has been really affected in that 250,000 have lost their jobs which is a lot seeing the country has 6 million. Foreign investors have left and prices of products have gone way up. Several from our church alone have left for other countries seeking refuge.

People are receptive at least some of them to the gospel the Lord has been adding to the church daily here those that would be saved. Pray for new believers like Mario and Brian and for the new families.

We praise the Lord for those that have co labored with us in the last few months.

Paul said……Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account. Philippians 4:17 When you give to the work here you take part in the expansion of the kingdom of God and reach out to people in desperate need many without hope. Hope doesn’t disappoint and we want to give hope here to the people in the form of Jesus. Jesus can be counted on politicians and governments cannot. But still we reach out to the poor and look to be instruments of the Lord to provide for their needs. This month there will be a church dinner praise the Lord we can bless the people in this way. We pray we can be a blessing!


The country is still affected by violence and roadblocks. In Managua and cities surrounding Managua there are still protests. Night time activities are unsafe. There are ongoing deaths from violent confrontations between police and protesters.


There is a travel window right now that I expect to hold for our region. I’m praying it will hold. So I’m trying to come back to visit. The local government in Nueva Guinea have signed a truce with the farmers. Police have agreed not to attack the farmers and the farmers have agreed that they will disperse and remove the roadblocks. This truce has been signed and we currently have movement of food products, gasoline, and transportation to and from Managua.


Lucy Scott

Lucy will coming back to Nueva Guinea, Saturday. Pray for her safe return and mine as I will be escorting her back to Nueva Guinea. Her 1 month furlough turned into 3 months as she couldn’t get into the country.

Greg Brakensiek

I’m planning to go back to the states the 25th of July and staying for about 25 days. I’m praying for the roadblocks to stay down during this time and for protection for the other missionaries and more open door to the gospel.

I’m also praying for finances. Funds for the plane ticket. I’d like to go to a first time family reunion in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri so I am praying God provide if he wants me to go. That is on the August 4th. If you'd like to give toward this that would be great. I'm also willing to work of you have a job or know of someone who can get me one. Another blessing is I get the privilege also to help out during the harvest festival in the 18th of august praying for people on the field which is a blessing.

If road blocks return I’ll have to fly immediately back to Nicaragua to administrate during the emergency.

Thanks for your prayers you guys on this in advance and for gifts as God leads. Praise the God who provides!

If you’d like to visit with me my email is and I’m on facebook Greg Brakensiek. I’d like also to catch up with you guys like a lunch or other ideas you may have.

God bless you!


If you'd like to give toward this you can do it here......

Send me a message:

And if you could send me a message by email. Or a facebook personal message so the funds are allocated correctly.






God our Shepard and Nica Update

So the nation is getting ready for a countrywide strike tomorrow. That means that stores, local businesses, lights possibly and transportation will services that are not available.

We had a time of service today at 5pm instead of our usual time at 7pm because streets become more dangerous during this time at night. Sometimes groups of apposing political parties and protesters exchange mortar fire which can be dangerous for some to walk through. Changing the service time to earlier in the day seems to help. As people can get home before dark.


     Guys starting to put up brick paver walls in the streets as road blocks. We have several in town and and town exits.

    Guys starting to put up brick paver walls in the streets as road blocks. We have several in town and and town exits.

    We had a good group of youth in the house of Erickson this last Sunday. We did a time of waiting and worshiping the Lord letting the Holy Spirit guide according to 1 Corinthians 12. We had a group of 6. This Saturday the youth of all Nueva Guinea will be getting together at the church we will be doing prayer and worship for the nation.

    Praise the Lord as we continue to work the work of the Father who Shepards his people in all circumstances.

    *Be in prayer in the upcoming days. Pray for wisdom and a change of heart of the president to be able to lead well the country. Pray for the people to submit to governing authorities and not to pay evil with evil. Pray for the missionaries for the leading of the Spirit and to take advantage of the opportunities to evangelize and that God would protect amidst the chaos.

    Economic concerns:

    • Banks out of money
    • No incoming gasoline or food items.
    • Public transportation non-existent
    • Private transportation limited and only from road block to road block.
    • No Police Assistance

    Break In...... God is our stronghold!

    So we had an attempted robbery last night as civil unrest in the country continues. The dogs were barking last night as a man came into our property making this hole in the fenceline. You could see his foot marks in the mudd and he had some large rocks. So we are looking into installing some security measures to help prevent further break inns. Thank you Jesus the dogs chased him off the property without anyone or the dogs getting hurt, or anything getting stolen. 

    We'd like to fix our fences that cover 1 acre and put up 2 security lights. The fence is pulled up in many areas and rusty which makes easy access for intruders The cost to complete this project is U$1,500. 

    As God leads we thank the Lord for your donations toward this as we look to be good stewards for what God has provided for us in Nicaragua and also in keeping the missionaries safe.

    God bless you and thanks for your help on these issues. 

    In Jesus Greg (Proverbs 3:5-7)

    You can give toward this here......  


    We are pleased that we are able to minister to people in need during this time of civil unrest. There is a physical hardship that has come upon Nicaragua that has driven many to think more about Jesus. During the last few weeks civil unrest has come upon Nicaragua starting the 19 of April and continuing to the present. During which time road blocks made by farmers throughout all of Nicaragua have stopped the flow of gas, food, and public transportation. 

    Amidst this time several people have come under need. The Lord was able to reach a few and we foresee that more may be in need of help as the financial struggle continues for many Nicaraguans. Vladamir is one of these Nicaraguans he was stuck for several weeks in Managua the capital while his wife and 2 kids were in Nueva Guinea. We were able to reach out and provide food during their time of need without their Father. We praise the Lord that one of the days that there was a truce that Vladamir was able to return to his family. Continue to pray for their provision. 

    Along with Vladamir, Absalon a boy that grew up in our church and has recently reconciled with the Lord this last year is growing in the Lord tremendously. He along with Vladamir come to our discipleship on Tuesday nights. He has been out of work. And we were able to bless him with some work during this difficult time. One day he came and said to me I haven't eaten for a few days can you lend me some money. So we gave him some food and a job. He cut firewood for the church and facility. Pray for him farmers are out of work, construction workers the economy as a whole has plummeted to a snail like pace and there is little movement. We praise the Lord for your prayers and support. We will continue to provide and give as needs arise and the Lord provides

    God bless, 


    Civil Unrest Nueva Guinea Day 3 without Gas and Food shortages

    I would like to update you all on the current situation in Nicaragua. As many of you may or may not have heard we are in day 24 of civil unrest in Nicaragua.

    The short version of the matter is the people are upset with how the government has been treating them. Many have failed to understand that government is God ordained and appointed. What makes it difficult is that the people have rights by their laws which the government has decided not to follow. We are praying for a resolution of this issue and praying that the president will repent and receive Jesus along with the others in power.

    Here in Nueva Guinea we are in day 3 of roadblocks in and out of the town. Which allows no gas, ambulances, or food in and out of the town.

    The gasoline to the town ran out yesterday. The one supermarket there is is out of food. Tomorrow early in the morning I will be looking for food in the market for us and the church.

    We need gas to to keep the radio station going. I'll be going to a local colony to purchase gasoline at a higher price also tomorrow morning.The local water is not being treated so we are boiling water.

    Gasoline, food, candles, batteries are among the items we have purchased and will be purchasing preparing and outlasting this time. We need help in the form of funds to cover these costs.

    We are asking for U$600 to cover costs. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. You can donate here:

    Pray also we are able to share more of the gospel and disciple through this difficult time. Pray for the families and God provides for the town. Pray God brings and ends in his way the riots and civil unrest.

    In Jesus



    Missionary at Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea

    Serving in Nicaragua


    Pray God heals the Civil Unrest in Nicaragua

    Nicaragua in Focus – How to respond to Riots and Civil Unrest

    I grew up watching and looking up to movies like the Patriot. And acknowledged that when someone takes away your civil liberties it was okay to fight back and be violent and in fact it was encouraged. I grew up thinking that war was good if the cause was just and was good. I grew up thinking that it was a man’s duty to do the right thing in their own eyes even if God had other plans. I was wrong. I would like to say that I support and do still support the government and soldiers. 

    Recently I have come face to face with riots in a foreign country, the country of Nicaragua. A proclaimed constitutional democracy which in reality is a dictatorship. What do you do or allow others to do when civil liberties are trampled? What do you do when rights are being ripped from under a nation? What do you do when protests turn to blood and peaceful marches turn to a violent uprisings? 

    I have not all the answers but there is a God in heaven that knows these things and his word teaches us how to treat government. My hope is that these reflections may help you to pray for Nicaragua and those who minister here. In some colonies the people are suffering and without basic staples like rice and salt. People have died in the protests. What would God have us to do? Fight for for injustice and civil liberties? Yes, but how? God calls us to stand in the Gap with the word of God, prayer, and fasting, and all in love?

    God first wants us to intercede for the government and the nation of Nicaragua. Ezekiel 22:30 says, 

    “So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one.”

    God wants to pray for authorities despite how they behave. To pray that they might come to Jesus. Even to give thanks for them. To love even those that would do harm.

    “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior” 1 Timothy 2:1-3

    But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you, Matthew 5:44

    As Christians our primary weapons are spiritual. Ephesians 6 reminds us that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual in breaking down the strongholds of the enemy. We are exhorted to pray, use the word of God, to have faith, walk in the gospel, do right even when people do wrong. 

    Pray for Nicaragua. 
    Gasoline prices have gone up for an already poor people. From Wednesday May 9 there has been a call to stop of all transportation. Taxis have stopped running in Managua. Pray that God calms this situation and the Nicaraguan people. Pray for the President family to be able to make wise decisions and for their salvation.


    Prayer and Evangelism Trip to Carribean Coast

    So was blessed to be able to do an exploratory trip to the communties in and around Laguna de Apoyo. (Pearl Lagoon) I went with 2 other missionaries in a medium sized boat traveling through a series of rivers and lagoons. We were able to minister pray and evangelize with people of the communities of La Fe, Hollover, and Kukrahill. Here there were some that knew Jesus but many that did not who were of the Garifuna peoples.

    The shimmering sun reflects over the face of the waters as the spirit of God warms my soul. The river speaks proclaiming the God of peace and serenity found seldom in the city. The river reminds me of God. 

    Pelicans fly close over the water as the day reflects God's grace. Each bend of the river creates excitement of what could be around the next corner. I'm a little tired but find it hard to sleep from excitement of what could come ahead and the plans of what God might have....

    Maintaining Focus

    What you have begun in the Spirit how can you finish by the flesh?

    When Nehemiah realized the sad state that the city of Jerusalem was in he wept. Than he prayed. Than he acted. The ministry here in Nueva Guinea has a lot of problems. And as a church there always will be problems because there are always going to be people. But we can act and respond in the Spirit to difficulties and circumstances even when we don’t understand them because God does and God can reveal to us what he knows. God is always faithful!

    Relying on God and his faithfulness we are assured that he is able. With the youth drifting away, kids abandoned by parents, a radio tower in need of a rebuild and facility that needs maintenance it is easy to focus on the circumstance. We can lose focus of who is really in control and that is when we can start to drown like Peter did while walking on water removing his sight from Jesus.

    The great thing about Nehemiah was not that he was great but that while the enemy tried to distract him and attack him from outside sources and from  the inside he kept to the work and what God had called to him knowing that it was God’s calling and God who would make sure the work was to be done.

    Here in Nueva Guinea we are resting in prayer strengthing ourselves in God’s grace to see God’s will done and being reminded that the work is on His shoulders not ours. This makes our yoke easy and our burden light because the Spirit is guiding and we are following not forcing our way but looking for His way.

    This last Tuesday we had our teaching with the 18 and over group on Repentance. It was a great time to reflect on God’s word and to recognize our need that needs to be God’s way and not ours. Next week we’ll be talking about the Fruit of repentance and the Holy Spirit’s work in this.

    Thank you for your prayers and support. Together we can trust and work together to see God’s will in Neuva Guinea in the Spirit to God’s glory!

    God richly bless you!

    Pray for us and the ministry. For we know we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers who don’t want the will of God here as is in heaven.


    Teaching others to Follow Jesus

    Being a disciple of Jesus is not easy as we all know. But with the help of the Holy Spirit the impossible is made possible. I'd like to ask your prayers as a new discipleship night is opened up for those that are over 18 on Tuesday nights. This will start on the 6th of February. I have talked to some of the youth in the streets and they have shown interest in coming. Also some in the church as well. Please pray that they come with open hearts to receive the word so the grow and reproduce as the Holy Spirit and the word of God moves them. 

    Thanks for you prayers and financial support. I pray God bless you and your family. 

    In Jesus, Greg

    Proverbs 3:5-7

    Central American Conference 2017

    Hi all Pastor Carlos and I are getting ready to go to the conference in Guatamala. It is the annual Calvary Chapel Centeral American Conference. This next week we are looking to buy tickets. Cost for this conference is U$230. So that would be U$460 for the both of us. We are both have been really blessed by the teachings and the fellowship in years past and are looking forward to this year's conference called Humble Power. 

    If you would like to see us at this year's conference here is your opportunity to give. You can do that here...

    Feel free to email if you have any questions or to let me know you gave toward this. 

    God bless you! I hope to see many of you soon as my ticket to the states was just booked for the 19th of October!

    In Jesus....Greg

    Trust in the Lord lean not in your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths...

    Youth Center Tonight!

    Hi guys. We are having youth center tonight at 6pm. Be in prayer for the time. We have cut down on youth center nights. From every week to the 1st and 3rd of every month. We are looking to spend more time on this event and make it more worthwhile for the you to come as previously we were so busy we had quantity of events but not the quality. And we want to give Jesus the best. 

    We still have the Youth Service every Sunday night. That has not changed. Pray that the youth would have deep roots in Jesus so they can continue growing in Him.

    God bless you all!


    April Video

    This video shows some of the activities we had in the month of April. It shoes Friday of the week of easter where we went to the river with the church. It also shows Saturday where we prepared food for our church dinner on Sunday. At the end it shows our event on Sunday with face painting, worship, and games. 

    God bless you the brothers and sisters at Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea!

    Praise Report

    I am blessed to tell you that I'm doing much better. I am still week and recovering but my fevers have gone. Thanks to God and may God bless all those that were praying. During my time of being sick I was blessed also to see the church step up and fill some of the roles that I normally play. 

    Thanks to God for Danny who has been working faithfully on updating the music on the radio station. He also has been leading worship every Wednesday

    Moises Hernandez has taken over Worship on Sunday Night with Danny and Karla. Moises has also stepped up as Pastor Carlos asked him to teach this month on Wednesdays which is a big blessing. This has really helped me  in catching up on rest and finances. 

    Thanks to the Lord for the work Pastor Carlos has done in coordinating and helping me with finances which has been a big blessing.

    Jose also has been a big help as he has taught the last Friday nights with the youth and organized games for them as I have been attending but not able to participate much in way of games or public speaking. He's also been doing a lot of coordinating and ministry with the youth during the week and in youth center daily.

     Well Praise the Lord. May God bless you. Hope you are all doing well.

    In Jesus love Greg

    If you are not doing well or need prayer send us a message we'd like to pray for you as you have blessed us with your prayers.

    Thanks for all those that opened their homes and lives this last year. Praise God for your hospitality and love. If I didn't get you in the picture don't feel bad I probably was enjoying your company so much I didn't take a picture.