Death and Life - Passing of Pastor Carlos's mom

Pastor Carlos's mom Lucrecia just died and we had her funeral last night. The funeral's here are very different in that they happen at the house usually where the deceased lived or grew up. So we had it at Pastor Carlos's brother's house which is his neighbor. Their funerals here are all night and the whole town is invited. Cars are sent out to announce the death, the cars drive around with speakers mounted to them so that everyone knows what happened. On Wednesday night at 2am Lucretia was rushed to the hospital in Juigalpa, that is 2 hours away from our town, where she passed away. This happened unexpectedly for the Arteaga family but God has been very close to them and has really blessed their family with his presence during this painful time. Pastor Carlos was able to do a devotional with all that came and there was a sweet time of worship. Continue to pray for the family as we go to bury his mother today. There will be a funeral procession on central street to the cemetery. Help celebrate the life of Lucretia by praying for strength and God's touch in the lives of the family. Lucretia was a mother that instructed her children in God's ways and always had a joyful testimony, even through her many years of continual pain.


Thank you for your prayers for Pastor Carlos and his family through this rough time. There were several expenses for the family like buying the plot of land to bury their mom, and also the casket. If you'd like to help them out with these expenses they would appreciate it. The cost of the funeral was about U$300.