Time,  something that is so precious, a real treasure. The word says that where your treasure is than that is where your heart will be.  As God has had me look at my life I see that one of the most precious things that we can give to God and others is our time. When we really look at it the things we spend the most time on are the things that we love. It is time that the majority of our time is spent on knowing God and spreading his word. Letting people know that God cares for them that we care for them.  Today the youth and I went to the market and talked with the shoe shiners about Jesus. One of them  did not know the story of Jesus so we told it to him and got him thinking. His friend had once received Jesus but had fallen away so we told him how he could come back to the Lord and God was waiting for him. He will be coming by the church tonight to receive his bible. Pray for those in Nueva Guinea that they would take time to know God as God has taken the time to know us.