Radio Station

Here in Nueva Guinea Nicaragua Radio Calvario, our Radio Station is the only radio station here that runs 24 hours a day. The reason that none of the other radio stations run 24 hours a day is because the power goes out a lot. Without power it is hard to run a radio station. God has provided us here with a generator to run the Radio Station when the power is out and has been faithful to keep the Radio Station going even when the power is out so all the taxi drivers and cars can still listen to the radio. When the power goes it it can cost us about U$50 to refill the tank on the generator a price well worth feeding the town with the word of God. Pray for God’s continual provision. For a small roof to cover the Generator when it rains – Cost is U$80.

If you’d like to give toward this you can donate to the Radio Station click on the donate section. We thank you for your faithful support in keeping the Radio Station going and reaching the lost for Christ.

Another prayer request is for the radio station to be available online.  I already have requests for this from missionaries in Senegal Africa whose 1st language is Spanish and they are there ministering to Muslims.  So keep it in prayer.