Wise Decisions for the Future

 “Drink water from your own cistern,
And running water from your own well.” Proverbs 5:15

Although we don’t have our own running well we do have a cistern which is a well that doesn’t have a spring yet. And although we don’t drink from that water because it is dirty we are moving toward cleaning it up and digging so the cistern will become a well.

In proverbs the advice given is to have your own water. In the states this is very hard because all of the water rights are usually bought up. Here in Nueva Guinea it is an option to have your own water. The point in the proverb is that God wants us to be blessed. And in proverbs we are given some sound advice. Having your own water has its advantages just like having your own electricity would have its own advantages as well. We are currently praying for this to become a reality.

A team from CC San Gabriel Valley came to visit us, they just left here on the 24th of July. While they were here they we’re a real blessing to the local church, to the radio, and to the missionaries. They got a whole lot accomplished fixing a buzz that was on the radio station. They were also able to improve the sound in the church another big blessing, adding upon improvements that the team from Rhode Island and Connecticut recently made. They also blessed the ministry here with an AC for the Radio station that runs on less electricity which is a huge help because of the rising cost of electricity here in Nicaragua. We are currently looking into putting in some wind turbines to be able to power the radio station. With the wind turbines we’d be able to power the radio station and cut down on a monthly electrical bill of U$700. To be able to do this we would need help financially. The project would include getting Pastor Leon down here from San Gabriel Valley to set the wind turbines up and the materials for the wind turbines, which he offered to do for free. Prayerfully consider making this lasting impact. This investment will not only affect the church, and town of Nueva Guinea for a month, but will have a lasting affect for years to come. This project would allow for the radio station to be self sufficient and remain commercial free to the town and surrounding colonies who are daily blessed by it.