Men's Fellowship

The men where able to go to Don Arsenio's Farm today. Don Arsenio is the grandfather of Odonnel which is one of the youth center kids. He has the gift of hospitality and one of his common sayings is "my house is your house." He also jokes that because it is your house you can pay the taxes! And after that he says, "Really the house is not yours but God's so He can pay the taxes! He is a funny guy and the men had a blessed time there. From playing checkers and talking about their lives the time is spent in fellowship. This trip we went horse back riding, went swimming below a waterfall, fishing, and cooked lunch for the men and the house. It was a blessed time and we thank God for it. We also pray that God will use these times to help the brothers to grow closer in the Lord.  Pray for the growth of the brother's that went: Don Lorenzo's (Nubia's Dad), Vladamir a new disciple, and Diego. Also continue to pray for Juan Antonio that God would continue to help him grow in Jesus!