Youth center was fun today. We took the volleyball net to the basketball court in the park and played in the afternoon. The youth of the neighborhood were able to learn about God or Adonai. Which is God's name for Lord. I talked to them about how God is Lord over all things but the question to them was if God was their Lord. Were they submitted to God. It gave many something to think about and I'm sure that God will bring the fruit out of it. Pray for those youth in the park that have made other things their Lord, whether it be drugs, friends, family, careers anything that has been placed before God in their lives.

Also keep in prayer Vladamir he just started discipleship classes. Pray for his maturity as a Christian and that the Holy Spirit would root out anything unpleasing in his life. Also continue to pray for Juan Antonio who is in his third week of discipleship and is growing in his walk, pray that he would be overflowed with the Spirit and he would continue to mature in his walk with Jesus. Thanks for all your prayers and support! 

Praise Report: I've been praying for the electric bill as it was overdue and today we got the money to pay it thank you Jesus! Thanks again for partnering with us to help share God's word and keep God's word flowing through the Radio Station and Church!