Help From Calvary Chapal Managua

We were blessed this week to have Jose come from Calvary Chapel Managua. He has taken the inductive bible study course so he has been able to help at the youth centers and do devotionals with the kids. This is a huge help as Pastor Carlos and his family are on their furlough after the passing of Lucrecia, Pastor Carlos' mom. Here is Jose helping us get ready to paint the future Radio Studio Room 1. Mold here is a reality, and paint helps us to control the spread of mold in the humid environment.

Danny and Katherine, the 2 interns right now, are also blessed to see a faithful servant from Nicaragua and have been blessed by his example. Jose will be here for a few more days. Keep him and the ministry in prayer. And thank God as He sees the need and meets it. Thanks again for all your prayers and support we appreciate it.

Much love from all of us at Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea!


Jose Sanchez from Calvary Chapel Managua