Radio Tower Work

As Hector Sr., Hector Jr, myself and Hector's 2 year old, Natanael were walking to visit Louis Adan a few blocks away from the church Natanael says, "Hot!" The son is pretty hot right now and the rain comes and goes. We were blessed today to be able to work on the radio tower some. We had some equipment that was fried because of lightning so we were able to put up a lightning resister for the networking. so that should help next time there is a lightning strike to not fry our equipment. It was also a good time of fellowship today. 

Keep tomorrow in prayer as their is a potluck in the park to raise money for giveaway baskets to the poor for Christmas time. 

Tonight is youth center which the youth always have a blast at. Last week after the devocional Hector brought out the volleyball net and the kids played an adventure game on xbox and had a blast! So keep that event in prayer and that god would continue to bring forth fruit. Last week some boys came that are in chains from drugs, alcohol, and bad influences pray God gets a hold of their hearts.