Lost Boys...... but a Big God

This last Tuesday I was getting ready to clean out one of the classrooms when i saw a lot of the youth in the park. Some of these youth are lost and others have been in the church youth group in the past but have stopped coming. So I figured it would be a good time of evangelism if they would come help clean out the classroom. So I went over there and 1st found out that they didn't have any water because the water didn't come in the morning. So we helped Eduardo and his family get some water for the day, hauling it from the facility. Then they came over and we cleaned out the youth classroom as it was getting dirty. After that we went up the hill of the facility and cut down some coconuts to drink and eat. During that time I was able to talk to them a little more personally as they were sipping down on the cocos. I asked them in a gang if there were 2 brothers and the one brother died to protect the group but before he died if he asked the group to do something, would the gang respect what was asked? And one of the youth that is mixed with the local gang said yes.

So I told them the same thing is with God. God's gang or group is the world and he stepped up and protected us by dying on the cross. We deserved to die but he died in our place so we could be free from sin. Then I told them that it was time than that we respected what Jesus has said to us. They stopped talking and started thinking.

Pray for these youth, especially the youth that were with us at the youth group but haven't been coming, youth like Eduardo, Javier, Rodrigo.