Zone #6 Park Evangelism

So went to the zone #6 Park to evangelize tonight. Daniel a youth went with me he is now in his 20's and said he wanted to go. Armed with a bag with a basketball a bible and some tracts we started out from the park in Zone 5 and arriving 20 minutes later at the other end of town we arrived at the Zone #6 park. There we brought a basketball. And since the boys there don't really know how to play basketball very well they were interested and I was able to show them a few things. Like how to shoot right and dribble. So we ended playing a game for a while, 5 on 5. After we played for around 30 minutes we sat down with them on the basketball court and talked to them about Jesus. Many of the boys did knew Jesus but some didn't and as we started to share the gospel others came to listen that didn't know Jesus.

It was a big blessing because we were also able to give out tracts with verses about coming to know Jesus and we asked those that did know Jesus to give the tracts out to their friends that haven't yet received him. So with that we started to head back to the facility. On the way out we talked with 3 men that did not know Jesus and they listened and were thinking about receiving Jesus but didn't, they said that they would think more about it and took home with them some tracts.

Pray for the Zone 6 boys and men that they would continue in Jesus and for those that don't know Jesus that they would receive him!