City at night in Nueva Guinea

Went for a walk tonight over the city of Neuva Guinea. Praying about where to evangelize during the night with the male young adults and some of the male adults. 1st I went to central park there are groups of kids that like to ride BMX bikes and there are youth that like sports, there are also couples and families there.

In the Park in Zone 6 there is a smaller park that has a lot of younger kids and there are youth that play sports. In the Park in zone 7 there are a lot of kids that don't have much to do. Are addicted to marijuana or alcohol and just are looking for a place to fit in. They listen when you talk to them and are open to conversation.

In the park in Zone 5 there are those that are heavily addicted to drugs, there are those boys that are smokers and light drinkers but still need Jesus. And those that just like playing sports and nothing else.

Pray for these areas and the youth, young adults, and adults that go to these places. Also pray that God raises up others to go with me. Pray for these to possibly go with me, Cesar, Don Daniel, Moises Toruño, Yeltsin, and whoever God would have in mind.

Pray for open doors for sharing Jesus and that God would help us to share his word effectively. Pray for the lost adults, young adults, and youth in these areas.