Loosing a mother

Please keep Zouhali in prayer. She is a youth that had been going to our youth services a few years back and then moved to Costa Rica. She is now 15. She has come back now. But under some very difficult circumstances. Her mother was shot about 6 blocks away from the church and also another family member was shot, a little girl and she's in the hospital in Juigalpa. The man who shot them shot himself on the way to the police station here in Nueva Guinea. Zouhali comes back to Nueva Guinea with her boyfriend and a baby on the way. Her grandmother lost a daughter and Zouhali lost her mother. They and the family are very sad and have been crying a lot.

We went to visit them at the wake and stayed up all night with the family. We had service as they asked us to. We also prayed at the funeral. We plan to go back and visit them on Sunday after the morning service. Pray that God begins to heal their broken hearts. That they will lean on Jesus who is near to the broken hearted and can relate the best to them. I personally am saddened by their loss. You can see the pain in their faces and cries.

Thank you for your prayers in advance and prayers also for their salvation. For Zouhali that she reconciles with Jesus and for her boyfriend that would receive Jesus. Also for the mom and the rest of the family for their salvation and the comfort only Jesus can give. Jesus our ever present help in need, our Rock, Comforter, and our Healer.

Love Greg