His Face at the Laguna

When we go to someone's house if they are a friend at least some of the times we just go to hang out with them. To get to know them. And that we have to do face to face. This was David's heart in Psalm 27. To know God to seek his face, to know him, to be with him. We went to the Laguna today with the youth. The Laguna is a small pond where the kids go swimming, fishing, or just to hang out. So we took them down there and we talked about David's relationship with God and had them think about their own relationship with God. I also got to test out my new duck call from Duck Dynasty. No ducks came this time but I couldn't see any either. Keep the boys in prayer.

We'll be going to home bible study tonight at Nubia's parents house. Pray for Nubia's mom she has lost feeling in her arm and is in a lot of pain. Above all don't forget to seek Jesus today, spend some time with Him.

Jacksoni on left just back from Costa Rica. Other youth center boys on the right, Danny standing up

Just Jacksoni's cousin trying out the duck call after the devotional