Water for the Facility!

We've been without the use of our water pump for some time now. A couple months. Water here comes only certain times of the day so we have to collect it, so there will be enough when people come for church and all the activity that happens at the facility. Just recently one of our water tanks had a hole in the bottom of it and caused all of the water to be lost each night. Well we found the hole and God provided the new tank. Thank you Jesus! Here is some pictures of the water tank work. We're very happy to have a working water system here, we feel blessed. Especially seeing that the norm for the people here is not to have a water system. Most people either have a well or they have one faucet that fills up a big barrel. That barrel is then used for the dish washing and showers for everyone. We are truly blessed!

Yeah! New Water Tank thank you Jesus!

Check Valve to stop the water from leaving the tanks.

The hole on the bottom of the old water tank.

Disconnects and a way to turn on and off the tanks so we can easily clean them out periodically.