Every year about 1-2 times there are fires behind our facility in the farms. Many times it is from kids that are messing around with matches or that like to mess around. And usually it is us that gets stuck putting the fire out. To do that you cut a branch of a tree and you bunch up the branches. With that you can wack the brush fire literally to death. And little by little the fire goes out and stops from spreading. This last Monday I was able to help some neighbors from having the fire burn up their outhouse and things around their house. It was a blessing for them and a honor to be able to help them in Jesus name.

Jesus also wants to fill us with the fire of his Holy Spirit. So we can be like him and bring others to himself. Katherine did her first day of youth center by herself this Tuesday and will be taking over for Angela now on Tuesdays! She is a youth of 16 years of age. Keep her in prayer! Thank you Jesus as God is beginning to answer our prayers for disciples that make other disciples! Thank you for your prayers!

Here is the aftermath of the fire. Sometimes the neighbors need help putting out the fire so parts of their houses don't burn down, so we have the privilege to help them out. Pray for our neighbors and for us to be effective in making disciples who make disciples of Jesus!

On a random note there is a sloth currently staying in our mango tree!