Update: Music Class And Live Service broadcasts are down :(

The music class is going really well and growing. As we have several from our church that are learning music theory how to play and sing better to Jesus. Currently we have, Elmer, Katherine, Danny, Jonathon, Amy, Moises, Yeltsin, and a few others from surrounding colonies that are taking that class and are doing really well. Pray for them as the continue to study and dedicate their lives to the service of Jesus.

On another note we are also helping out some of the brothers in the church at their farm and they are giving part of the crop to the church. Pray for God's wisdom in this and for his hand guiding us in this.

We need your prayers for the Radio station as we are unable to transmit live chruch broadcasts at the moment because we need a new soundboard. Pray God provides a new soundboard so that we can get the services back on the air and transmitting to the potential thousands that listen by Radio in Town, in the Colonies, and online throughout the world. A shout out to Emma in Spain who is helping support the radio station! And all the others that are supporting throughout the world may God bless you.

Pastor Carlos is starting up a discipleship class for the church on Tuesday nights. It will be alternating nights. Some Tuesdays will be Home bible Study and then other tuesdays discipleship class. His hope is that through these classes some would like to take inductive bible study and that God would raise up more teachers. Pray for more teachers and discipleship makers here.

Besides this we have a praise report that the youth group is growing and those that serve among the youth are growing. We currently have about 6 sound/ushers that are youth. One that does announcements. And 3 that are on the worship team. Pray for their steadfastness and that draw neared to God each day. Also pray for the adults who are also growing and serving but to a lesser degree. Pray more would get involved and put Jesus first before all things. Thanks for you time in reading this and support looking forward to seeing or talking with all of you all in person. In His love and power.

Love Greg