This last weeks youth center took a turn of events as I was preparing to start. The plan was to go through the neighborhood early inviting the youth to go on a local fishing trip. Which is always a good time we have fun hanging out with the youth and we talk with them about Jesus and do a short devotional. However this day the youth didn't want to go because it was so hot. So we went to return to the facility to hang out and play games there. On the way to the facility we came across Roger. He is a friend of one of the youth, Isaias who takes discipleship clases with Hector. Pray for Isaias that he would stay encouraged Roger usually works in the market and sells many things you can usually find holding a cart that goes around his neck full of merchandise to sell. He is a youth in his 20's that is very lost. He is covered in scars that are self inflicted if you look over his chest and arms he is covered in scars that look like slash marks from a knife. This day we found him on the floor of the concrete by the pulperia "convenience store" He was breathing but hard to tell. He was over-doced on alcohol and possible some drugs that made him unresponsive. With the help of the neighbors we got enough help to get him into the taxi. Diego from the church happened to swing bye at this exact time, more like was sent by God at this exact time. So he took him to the hospital. Pray for him that God would intervene in his life and would show us how to minister best to him. He almost died. And I fear that he will die soon with out God in his life. Keep Diego's brother in prayer who recently was thrown from a moving truck under the influence of alcohol. The brother is backsliden and it is possible that God was giving him a wake up call. He is resting now at his house, pray that he would take this opportunity to return to Jesus.