Elijah and the Widows Oil

In 2 Kings 4 we read of how God miraculously provided for the widow who had no money to pay for her debts and provide for her family. How faithful is God that he can bring something out of nothing, turning an empty pitcher into a profit. I see how sometimes it comes to that with us. As we realized that we are empty and have nothing to give we are empty poor in the spirit. That we owe Jesus our lives but we have nothing to give. And Jesus says come to me and I will fill you up, I will overflow you and you will burst forth fountains of living water.

Right now the power is out and has been for a while. We don't have too much gasoline left and church service is coming up. I trust God will provide as he always does. He is more than sufficient.

God bless you brothers and sisters today.

And may God richly less you with his love, mercy, and joy!