Horses preach too! No saben que los caballos predican!

On the way to pick to cut corn for the corn fair we got a ride from Doña Bilma. There were other people in the back of the truck who were clearly not Christians after about 20 seconds with them you heard a whole string of bad words and insults. I sat there as some of the other youth that were with me just sat silent. I thought about how Jesus loved them even though that their actions were not pleasing to Him. Then I prayed about a way to talk to them about Jesus. And we know from Romans 1:20 that God's creation is clearly seen so that no one is with excuse. So I began to ask the guy, do you know that horses preach? He sat there no sure what to say. So I explained to them a horse at first is a wild mustang and is not very good for work. But when it is humbled then it is good for work. The same is true for us in that until we humble ourselves before God and ask him to forgive us and change us we aren't any good either. He sat there thinking. And we didn't hear any more bad words after that. Pray for those youth in Nueva Guinea that need Jesus! God bless you today and trust in Him the author and finisher of our faith.