Music Class Update

We had music class again last night. We talked about Psalm 149 and how got wants us to worship him with all that we are. Whether that means by dance, by making a new song, there are many ways and gifts that God has given each of us that allows us to worship him! In the music class Danny and Katherine have been given the chance to lead worship. They do some songs before we do the devotion and than break up into groups to work on singing, string instruments, and percussion instruments. We're still waiting for someone proficient enough to be able to play and teach the piano. Continue to pray for this group and that they would grow and God would give some of them the gift of leadership so they can lead worship as well during youth, children's, and main services. 

Keep in prayer:

Danny for gift of leadership and teaching, Katherine for courage to share and encourage, Cristian that he'd have a heart to lead worship if God wills he's our only male singer as of now, Daniel that he would learn the drums, Keylin and Junaisi that she would continue singing and they would have courage to sing in front of others. For Angela as she sings. For Amy and Yeltsin. Yeltsin is learning the bass and Amy continuing in singing. Keep Amy and Yeltsin in prayer that their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend would not get in the way of their walk with the Lord, as we have seen in the past, pray for knowledge and wisdom for them. Pray that all would have the same mind focusing on Jesus and what He would have for them. Thanks for your prayers ahead of time! Also keep the leaders of this event in prayer every Monday for Hector, Greg, Danny, and Katherine.