No power at church! Plus upcoming travel for the Chavez family and Leah

We had a big turnout for church today. And after worship was over the lights went out. So we we're all turning on cell phones with flash lights. When the lights go out here it is pitch black. Usually when the power goes out we have a back up generator that runs the lights. As the main generator runs the radio station in power outages. But our backup generator is down at the moment. Pray that it gets fixed.

But thank you Jesus we made it work. Running several extension chords. We were able to get a little light for the youth group that were outside and for the adults that were in the church building.

After church Pastor Carlos and I went taking the youth back to their houses. As it is dangerous for girls to walk alone during power outages.

Thank you Jesus the power is now back. And I am able to give you this update. Some needs....We're running low on batteries and flashlights. With the humidity here the flashlights break very fast and the batteries go fast as we are many times without power and need light to be able to move around.

Also keep in prayer Leah, Deanna's sister that will be flying back to the states tomorrow. Hector and Deanna will be accompanying her. They will also be in Managua for 1 to 2 days. They will be getting a birth certificate for Lydia God willing and applying for her Nicaraguan Passport. Pray that they have favor with the authorities as they are asking for one Last Name which is out of the norm.