Evangelism with Jose from Managua

This last Saturday Jose and I were able to go out and Evangelize. It was a great time. The first stop was a to a house of a youth that I've come to know, whose name is Roger. He has cut himself a lot in the past and has many scars on his arms. He asks for repentance when drunk or high but really I think he doesn't remember later. Pray that he would be given a sound mind to be able to make the decision for Jesus. Pray for his deliverance from the gang that he is in, and that the enemy would be bound so he can make a decision for Jesus. 

The 2nd person we went to visit on our trip was the house of Yesner's dad. He is the father of one of the youth that comes to church. He runs an almost daily poker table where they drink a lot to forget their problems. This last time I went to visit him we sat down and bought him a soda and talked a while. He was telling me about his friend that shot himself in the head and if that guy could have been saved. We told him that only God knew where his heart was. But to be sure we have to trust and give our lives to Jesus recognizing him as our savior and Lord. So he thought a lot about it. Pray for him and for the next time we go to speak with him that the Holy Spirit would convict him of his sin and he would turn to Jesus. 

Lastly we went to the house of Isaias. He is a youth that came to our youth center and is a friend of Roger. He has recently joined back into their gang. Pray for him that he would leave and seek a life given to God. That God would open his eyes and break every chain of the enemy that would keep him in bondage.