Noel and His family

Well before service tonight I went to talk to one of the backsliden youth that was talking with some of the boys in the park that are in chains to alcohol. The youth didn't want to talk at this time and politely walked off. But the two youth that were drinking called me over and wanted to talk about God and wanted to know if God still loved them even though they were drinking. 

So we got to talking and were telling them yes God loved them but he also wanted to save them from alcohol and from sin. Both of the youth have families and young kids and were tired of alcohol. They poured out their alcohol on the floor and ripped up their cigarettes. They said they want to be free from alcohol. The word says that if the son has set you free than you are free indeed. One of the youth publically declared that he wanted to follow Jesus after church and we prayed for him as a church. He God willing will be coming with his family tomorrow. Pray for the youth here in Nueva Guinea there are many that are being destroyed by an addiction to alcohol pray that God frees them and helps them to grow to maturity in Jesus.