The Spaniard

No I'm not talking about the movie Gladiator... Even though it was a great movie! This Spaniard is one that lives a block away from the church and sells propane gas and seems to have left his gladiator helmet and sword in the closet. Jose, "the spaniard" has just recently moved here from Spain and you can really tell the difference in the accent. He kept telling me my name is Jothe, and I said what is your name? he kept saying Jothe, over and over... Then finally he changed his accent and said, my name's Jose and I said, "Oh! Jose, nice to meet you." Even before this time he was a little standoffish and as I rolled up with Murio a young adult who just started discipleship with Hector, we were a little unsure of what to do with this guy. When I asked him if he knew and wanted to talk about Jesus he said it must be my wife that your looking for she's the one that goes to church. He said, "I believe what I can see." So this doubting Thomas is someone that has been on our heart and we've been praying for him. Some of his remarks were, If I don't work I don't eat. And God is like Harry Potter just made up. So what we want to do is we are looking to reach him at the root of the problem. He doesn't believe in God and that Jesus is God. So we are talking to him at the core of the issue which is, he doesn't believe in a creator. And wholeheartedly is adamant about believing that we can't know what is true, that when we die we're all going to the same place anyway. Which is not true according to the word. And truth is not relative anyway, Jesus is either saying the truth or lying. He also believes that history is all made up and you can't believe dead people. But he believes in evolution and Charles Darwin last time I checked Charles is very dead.

Pray for Murio and I, plus Jose, as we look to study and share with him about God as Creator, and the case for him as creator. If We can get him to believe in God as creator than we have something to talk about with him and can work to share the gospel with him.

God bless you all,

In His love, Greg