Music Class --- Clase De Musica

So in the past I was praying about how to be able to better serve the Lord in worship. And better help others lead worship. Recently we have been blessed with a music teacher that has studied in Costa Rica he can read music, play all the instruments we can possibly use, knows how to do harmonies and make them from scratch and I just really thank God for him coming at this time because he's an answered prayer. Alex is going to be charging us less than U$3 a person for three hours of class which will be every Wednesday and the 1st course will last 6 months. Doesn't sound like much money but here in Nicaragua where a days wage U$7 it is. I'm excited to be able to learn how to create harmonies in music and help the worship team here draw the congregation together in worship.

Pray for us as we are going to be starting this the 25th of March. God bless you all richly and may his desires be our desires! Love Greg

En el pasado estuve orando sobre como servir mejor el Señor en la alabanza y también ayudar a otros ser mejores lideres en la alabanza. Recientemente hemos estado bendecido con un maestro de música que ha estudiado en Costa Rica, toca todos los instrumentos que nosotros podemos ocupar, conoce como crear harmonías y yo agradezco a Dios por la venida a Alex. El va a estar cobrando U$2 por tres horas de clase. No suena que es mucho dinero pero cuando la gente ganan U$7 el dia es algo. Las clases vamos a tomar cada miércoles. Estoy emocionado de tener la oportunidad de crear harmonías in la alabanza y a ayudar el grupo de alabanza mejorar por la gloria de Dios!

Ora por nosotros porque comenzamos el 25 de Marzo. Dios le bendiga y que sea sus deseos las nuestras! En su amor, Gregorio

If you'd like to sponsor one of the kids for this let me know by email how much you gave and then donate at

Right now we have 7 from our church. So donations given for this will be split among the 7.