Life's Currents

Then all of the heads of the father's houses....With all whose spirits God had moved arose.....      Ezra 1:5

The trickling of the water against the rocks of the Verbanita river of Nueva Guinea show a picture of the peace and tranquility God wants to give every believer. As the sun shines through the summer waters of April in Nicaragua Sardines swim against the current flashing their silver sides against the sun as they swim side to side. A pair of river otters come rustling down the bank, stopping briefly to spot me and then scurrying into the river and downstream. Nature has no problem with the laws of God. They flow with the river of God's design smoothly. Humans however have something different. A will, and they can live contrary to design. This will allows each person to to choose whether he will move with the flow of God or like the sardine swim against God's current.

The choice made today is ours but its affects are eternal.                                                                                                 Will we like creation choose to move with God our against Him?

Greg in Nicaragua Giving you something to think about.

Keep in Prayer especially this week the new disciples.

Larri - God would give him a love for God's word                                                                                              

Murio - God would keep him strong in the spirit and from temptation.