Home bible study at the house of Moises Hernandez and Inductive Bible study course with CCSGV team

On Wednesdays we are going through the book of Ezdras. And we see how God was always faithful toward the people and was more concerned about the people having a heart right with him than the temple built. The whole reason for Israel going to Babylon was so they could turn back to Him. As I reflect on this I see all the projects: the radio station tower, the painting of the church, the kids class roof, and lots of other needs but know that what is most needed is that each of us would be open to the move of God to our temple, for we are now the temple of the Holy Spirit. That our temple that our hearts would be for God is more important than any other project. And we wait for God to move hearts to provide for some of the physical needs we want even more that he would move and repair hearts filling them with the Holy Spirit. One way to work toward this is through the Inductive Bible Study class this summer. 

We are looking forward to this course for the church here and for the leaders and pastors of Nueva Guinea and the surrounding colonies. It will have a radical affect on many lives and churches. Pray that:

God arranges everything so this course comes to pass. That God would remove any obstacles to having this course. That the brothers and sisters would be able to take the time off work and school to take the course. For all the arrangements and places for the people that come from far away would be arranged. That we would be able to know far enough in advance that the course will be a reality so as to inform the brothers of the CCNG and the community. Pray for the Inductive Bible Study Books for those that will be taking the course. 

The Inductive Bible study course will be in July tentatively. Pastor Leon from Calvary Chapel San Gabriel Valley will, God willing be giving the course. Moises, his wife, and Murio are just some of the the brothers and sisters in our church that could be truly blessed by this tool.

Moises Hernandez and his wife have been coming to our church for several months now. And as they have some time to be in the Lord they have proved to be a great blessing for the ministry here. Moises is now leading worship on Wednesday nights. Pray for him that God would protect him and encourage him as he serves the Lord.