Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself: Selfless service of Jose from CC Managua.

We were blessed with a Taxi ride into Nueva Guinea. Which is not very often with us. Thanks Leah Nafius!  So…. getting to Managua we started to work on getting my residency done. We found out we needed some extra documents which meant a lawyer trip to come back to Managua to get the docs. So I’ll need to go back next week or the week after to try again.

We were able however to get the much needed chairs for the church. Which we needed so we can seat those that are in the church and have enough for the youth as well. Jose from Calvary Chapel Managua was a huge help. He met us in Managua. He took off the whole day of work to help us out which was a huge blessing. With God’s help and Jose’s help we were able to get a big discount on the chairs and were able to get them back to Nueva Guinea saving money for the church and blessing the body. Blessings for Jose and may God to continue to use him for His glory.

The chairs took us from about 11 am to 6 pm. We picked up Jose from his job at the university where we went to the Mercado Oriental (Oriental Market) Which is a huge market. I know a part of it but Jose has walked through all of it and was able to show us around and get us to where we needed to go. We got the chairs and than we waited for transportation. So we walked about a half an hour all through the market area. The market area we went through was dim to the eye. The ceiling had old tin and there were trams of food, merchandise, electronics, fish, pets, weapons, pretty much anything you can think of stretched out over a maze of over a mile. The light streamed in at certain spots and in other was dark. So we got our food and were able to get back and than take the chairs to the bus stop which we loaded up on a rickety truck that we rode 30 minutes to a bus stop which would take our chairs another 6 hours to Nueva Guinea.

So thank God everything went well!

  • Pray for the upcoming trips. Finishing Greg’s Residency
  • Angela’s Residency
  • Lydia Chavez’s Passport

Norlan a youth that works in Claro just finished his first discipleship class today. Pray for him. He’s a brand new Christian and very excited. He used to fight a lot and have no peace and joy. But now says he is full of God’s peace and joy and has lost a desire to fight with others.



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  • Also Pray for Murillo and Larry that God would encourage them to keep the faith and to have victory in Him.