December Update

Hi all! 

I'm blessed to be able to write to you and am thankful for you guys! We have been busy during December. From working on getting our residency to church events to taking on new responsibilities. But it has also been a blessing as we have Jose here helping out from CC Managua. Danny has been helping us get the radio station songs updated which is also a great blessing. Danny has just finished high school and is looking now to get his drivers license. He wants to save up working as a taxi driver so he can study next year in the university. 

Be in prayer tonight we are going out with the youth to the central park. Central park is the place where there are more youth during this time of year. We are going to invite them to a bible study with us and than invite them to church for next week. God bless you all wishing you a grace filled time these holidays!

In Jesus, Greg

Prayer requests:

For freedom for the youth that are struggling with addictions. And Salvation for those that haven't accepted Jesus yet.  Pray for God knowledge, wisdom, and direction with the radio station.