Vision of Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea and start of new Class Calvary Distinctives

Hi guys good to get back to doing blogs. Theses last few weeks Pastor Carlos and I have been praying over what God has for the church here. We are pleased to put forth the model for the church here. Of course always subject to the move of the Holy Spririt within the parameters of the Word of God. Here it is.......

Please pray for next Tuesday that the those in the church would all come out for this class. The class Calvary Distinctives which just started today with an introduction will soon be in full swing on Tuesdays. Check out the model below..................

Our Vision in Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea is to create an atmosphere where the word of God is sown creating disciples of Jesus that love God and their neighbors. How……..

  • 1.       Believe In Jesús

  • 2.      Grow In Jesús

  • 3.      Multiply In Jesus

                                                                                                     John 17:3/ Matthew 22:37/John 15:5/Matthew 28:18-20/ /Colossians 1:28

1.      Believe in Jesus –  Receive Jesus as Lord and Savior

2.      Grow in Jesus

  • a.       Go to Church

  • b.      Learn Basic Bible Doctrine and Be In The Word

  • c.       Evangelize

  • d.      Make Disciples of Jesus

  • e.       Take Inductive Bible Study

3.      Multiply in Jesus  

a.       Evangelize and Love Others by spending time with them.

What does this vision look like played out in real life?

1.   Believe   – Receive Jesus –Jn. 3:16, Rom. 6:23, Ef. 2:8-9

a.   Receive an orientation of the process and vision of the church.

2.   Grow  

  • a.   Attend Church – Hebreos 10:25  

  • b.   Takes Calvary Chapel Disctinctives

  •                                i.   Basic Doctrine Class

  • c.   Evangelize – Isaiah 52:7, Romans 10:15

  •                      Go to Evangelism Class

  • d.      Believer takes a basic discipleship course.

  • e.   IBS – A class on how to take out the facts ofthebible and apply them.

3.   Multiply is… Evangelize and to Love others we do that by taking interest in their spiritual well-being and spending time with them. This is for all disciples of Jesus.

Thanks looking forward to the next class and the next update with you!

Please pray that the people in church would be on board with this and all would be done in the Spirit.