Prayer and Evangelism Trip to Carribean Coast

So was blessed to be able to do an exploratory trip to the communties in and around Laguna de Apoyo. (Pearl Lagoon) I went with 2 other missionaries in a medium sized boat traveling through a series of rivers and lagoons. We were able to minister pray and evangelize with people of the communities of La Fe, Hollover, and Kukrahill. Here there were some that knew Jesus but many that did not who were of the Garifuna peoples.

The shimmering sun reflects over the face of the waters as the spirit of God warms my soul. The river speaks proclaiming the God of peace and serenity found seldom in the city. The river reminds me of God. 

Pelicans fly close over the water as the day reflects God's grace. Each bend of the river creates excitement of what could be around the next corner. I'm a little tired but find it hard to sleep from excitement of what could come ahead and the plans of what God might have....