Civil Unrest Nueva Guinea Day 3 without Gas and Food shortages

I would like to update you all on the current situation in Nicaragua. As many of you may or may not have heard we are in day 24 of civil unrest in Nicaragua.

The short version of the matter is the people are upset with how the government has been treating them. Many have failed to understand that government is God ordained and appointed. What makes it difficult is that the people have rights by their laws which the government has decided not to follow. We are praying for a resolution of this issue and praying that the president will repent and receive Jesus along with the others in power.

Here in Nueva Guinea we are in day 3 of roadblocks in and out of the town. Which allows no gas, ambulances, or food in and out of the town.

The gasoline to the town ran out yesterday. The one supermarket there is is out of food. Tomorrow early in the morning I will be looking for food in the market for us and the church.

We need gas to to keep the radio station going. I'll be going to a local colony to purchase gasoline at a higher price also tomorrow morning.The local water is not being treated so we are boiling water.

Gasoline, food, candles, batteries are among the items we have purchased and will be purchasing preparing and outlasting this time. We need help in the form of funds to cover these costs.

We are asking for U$600 to cover costs. Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated. You can donate here:

Pray also we are able to share more of the gospel and disciple through this difficult time. Pray for the families and God provides for the town. Pray God brings and ends in his way the riots and civil unrest.

In Jesus



Missionary at Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea

Serving in Nicaragua