We are pleased that we are able to minister to people in need during this time of civil unrest. There is a physical hardship that has come upon Nicaragua that has driven many to think more about Jesus. During the last few weeks civil unrest has come upon Nicaragua starting the 19 of April and continuing to the present. During which time road blocks made by farmers throughout all of Nicaragua have stopped the flow of gas, food, and public transportation. 

Amidst this time several people have come under need. The Lord was able to reach a few and we foresee that more may be in need of help as the financial struggle continues for many Nicaraguans. Vladamir is one of these Nicaraguans he was stuck for several weeks in Managua the capital while his wife and 2 kids were in Nueva Guinea. We were able to reach out and provide food during their time of need without their Father. We praise the Lord that one of the days that there was a truce that Vladamir was able to return to his family. Continue to pray for their provision. 

Along with Vladamir, Absalon a boy that grew up in our church and has recently reconciled with the Lord this last year is growing in the Lord tremendously. He along with Vladamir come to our discipleship on Tuesday nights. He has been out of work. And we were able to bless him with some work during this difficult time. One day he came and said to me I haven't eaten for a few days can you lend me some money. So we gave him some food and a job. He cut firewood for the church and facility. Pray for him farmers are out of work, construction workers the economy as a whole has plummeted to a snail like pace and there is little movement. We praise the Lord for your prayers and support. We will continue to provide and give as needs arise and the Lord provides

God bless,