These last 3 months have been trying with the protests here in Nueva Guinea. Many nights of light sleeping as one had to check for robbers in the night. Kids that have stopped playing in the traditional way and began to play barricades with police and protesters. Just yesterday I removed a road block that was put up by little kids outside of the church.  The country has been really affected in that 250,000 have lost their jobs which is a lot seeing the country has 6 million. Foreign investors have left and prices of products have gone way up. Several from our church alone have left for other countries seeking refuge.

People are receptive at least some of them to the gospel the Lord has been adding to the church daily here those that would be saved. Pray for new believers like Mario and Brian and for the new families.

We praise the Lord for those that have co labored with us in the last few months.

Paul said……Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account. Philippians 4:17 When you give to the work here you take part in the expansion of the kingdom of God and reach out to people in desperate need many without hope. Hope doesn’t disappoint and we want to give hope here to the people in the form of Jesus. Jesus can be counted on politicians and governments cannot. But still we reach out to the poor and look to be instruments of the Lord to provide for their needs. This month there will be a church dinner praise the Lord we can bless the people in this way. We pray we can be a blessing!


The country is still affected by violence and roadblocks. In Managua and cities surrounding Managua there are still protests. Night time activities are unsafe. There are ongoing deaths from violent confrontations between police and protesters.


There is a travel window right now that I expect to hold for our region. I’m praying it will hold. So I’m trying to come back to visit. The local government in Nueva Guinea have signed a truce with the farmers. Police have agreed not to attack the farmers and the farmers have agreed that they will disperse and remove the roadblocks. This truce has been signed and we currently have movement of food products, gasoline, and transportation to and from Managua.


Lucy Scott

Lucy will coming back to Nueva Guinea, Saturday. Pray for her safe return and mine as I will be escorting her back to Nueva Guinea. Her 1 month furlough turned into 3 months as she couldn’t get into the country.

Greg Brakensiek

I’m planning to go back to the states the 25th of July and staying for about 25 days. I’m praying for the roadblocks to stay down during this time and for protection for the other missionaries and more open door to the gospel.

I’m also praying for finances. Funds for the plane ticket. I’d like to go to a first time family reunion in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri so I am praying God provide if he wants me to go. That is on the August 4th. If you'd like to give toward this that would be great. I'm also willing to work of you have a job or know of someone who can get me one. Another blessing is I get the privilege also to help out during the harvest festival in the 18th of august praying for people on the field which is a blessing.

If road blocks return I’ll have to fly immediately back to Nicaragua to administrate during the emergency.

Thanks for your prayers you guys on this in advance and for gifts as God leads. Praise the God who provides!

If you’d like to visit with me my email is greg@graceministriesint.com and I’m on facebook Greg Brakensiek. I’d like also to catch up with you guys like a lunch or other ideas you may have.

God bless you!


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