Conference in Granada Nicaragua and Bible School in El Salvador

Hi all,

May God bless you this new year. And do in you both to will and to do for His pleasure. This last year has been trying for the church here in Nueva Guinea. Continue to pray for Pastor Carlos and his family as Judith Arteaga has had another surgery on her hip and has to travel 7 hours away for checkups. May God provide for them according to his riches and for His glory.

There oldest daughter Karla Arteaga got a scholarship to go to bible school at a calvary chapel in San Salvador. She is praying God provides. She just needs her bus fair and her monthly personal expenses for 4 months. She will travel by bus some 18 hours. She is in her second her of college but plans to be postpone this year to be part of this time with the Lord

Karla Arteaga is seen on the far left. Judith Arteaga in front she just had her hip surgery.

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Cost to be part of what God is doing in her life and to send Karla Arteaga to San Salvador is U$300.

This last year has been really trying financially for the Nicaraguans especially without international support to the nations economy. We have the opportunity to bless the Nicaraguan this next week with a conference for youth and adults in Granada Nicaragua. The cost to bless the Nicaraguans for the is Conference 23rd of February 2019 is about U$38 per person. There are 9 youth and young adults that serve that we would like to send.

Cost to be part of sending 9 youth and young adults to conference is U$300.

God bless you,

Hope to see you all soon!

In Jesus,


Proverbs 3:5-7

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