We have watched how some kids have been growing and are now over 13 years old. We have been inviting a new group of youth between the ages of 13-17 to come out for youth night on Friday nights (since those 18yrs and over will not be coming out on this night anymore, now that the are adults)We will be going through the book of John with them. We know that they need Jesus Christ in their lives and that they are in a time of their life when they are curious about many things.

We should trust in God that they will grow up in His grace and will learn about His will for their lives. That they will learn how God can work in great ways in their family lives, being full of the Holy Spirit. We are praying because this will be a big change for this new group of kids in the way of Bible study and activities. It will be change for us serving with them, learning more about the Lord and about them.

Time Fly's Serving the Lord

Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation;                              On You I wait all the day. Psalm 25:5

Time has really flown it has been 11 months living and serving in Calvary Chapel Neuva Guinea and it has been a good time with God. I have been serving with the youth and the kids and personally it has been a good time to learn more about God.

I give classes at the Martin Luther School as an accountant but recently they have given me a new class in theology. It is a class that talks a lot about faith and the plan of God for man and I have enjoyed it because I have been able to share Gods word to different peoples that come to the university.

I have also been studying a book called a youth according to the heart of God with Larry.

Please pray for the kids as we continue to do. The youth center kids are all different and their parents and family members are not christian and we know that them it is very difficult and they enter into much temptation from the enemy and we are always open to teach them the word of God and to share with them what we have sometimes just a candy or something small.

In Jesus,


An Update on Serving!

Jose with the boys from Youth Center

Jose with the boys from Youth Center

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ. 

                                        -Colossians 3:23-24


This month on the 23rd of November, I will complete one year in the ministry at Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea, and it has been a great blessing for me to be able to serve the Lord.

During my time here, I have been working at youth center both with the young kids, and older youth and I know that God is working in the lives of each one of them through His word. I have also been helping Greg, Angela, and Pastor Carlos in whatever way I am able to. While Greg is on his visit in the States, I am teaching the older youth during Sunday evening services, and I teach the older boys on the 1st and 3rd Friday night of the month for youth night. Another way I have been able to help is by updating songs on the radio station with Danny, who is our neighbor and is also a youth in our church. He has been a great help to me throughout my time here.

I know that God is faithful because He has helped me so much with my stay here, and has provided for my personal expenses.

Danny and Jose

Danny and Jose

Jose's pic3.jpg

Hello From Jose and Conference in Guatamala

"Amado, yo deseo que tú seas prosperado en todas las cosas, y que tengas salud, así como prospera tu alma." 3 Juan 1:2

Mi nombre es José Sánchez y soy de Managua, Nicaragua pero Dios me ha bendecido en el llamado de su servicio y estoy sirviendo de todo Corazón en capilla calvario Nueva Guinea, Nicaraguaa jóvenes y niños del amor de Cristo. Ahora en Octubre el día 16,17 y 18 de Octubre habrá una conferencia para pastores y lideres en la Cuidad de Antigua Guatemala pero para poder ir necesito cubrir gastos como pasaje, comida y conferencia y tiene un coto de 290 Dólares. Estaré agradecido y contengo si alguien me ayuda con esa bendiciones, cualquier información me puede escribir a mi facebook José Sánchez o a Gregorio.

My name is Jose Sanchez and I am from Managua, Nicaragua but Gosd has blessed me with the calle to service and I am serving Jesus with all my heart. In October there will be a conference for pastors and leaders en the city of Guatamala but to be able to go I need to cover my expenses of bus, food, and the conference which has a cost of U$290. I would be happy and content if someone would like to help with the is blessing. For more information you can message me on facebook Jose Sanchez. O contact Greg at