We have watched how some kids have been growing and are now over 13 years old. We have been inviting a new group of youth between the ages of 13-17 to come out for youth night on Friday nights (since those 18yrs and over will not be coming out on this night anymore, now that the are adults)We will be going through the book of John with them. We know that they need Jesus Christ in their lives and that they are in a time of their life when they are curious about many things.

We should trust in God that they will grow up in His grace and will learn about His will for their lives. That they will learn how God can work in great ways in their family lives, being full of the Holy Spirit. We are praying because this will be a big change for this new group of kids in the way of Bible study and activities. It will be change for us serving with them, learning more about the Lord and about them.