My First Nicaraguan Funeral

Eric and Ellias

Eric and Ellias

Elias, Omar, and Eric are my neighbors.  Most days, they call me through the fence to take their picture and for cookies.

However, this day was different from other days.  Today, I was being invited to a funeral…..for a frog!

These boys remind me so much of my late husband.  Always a handful as a child, always into mischief.  Always full of life.  Mrs. Brown took the time to minister to him through his years in Sunday School and he ended up a pastor!

It is such a blessing to watch these boys grow and to be a part of their life.  I am excited to see what God does in them as they grow in Christ (as I am sure Mrs. Brown was).

Who knows, maybe one of them will be a pastor, or missionary!  Pray for these boys, that the Word of God that is planted in them will grow and bloom in their hearts!