Radio Station: Internet up! Local church service bradcasting is down!

This year God has blessed us with the ability to be able to transmit our radio signal to the local communities and transmit the services live both locally and online. We just lost the ability to send our services live as the church computer is giving us a hard disc error and is currently down.

The broadcast by internet is back up!. But the church computer that runs the live church broadcast is still down. Pray for that computer to be fully operational. 

Thank you all for your faithful prayers!

In Jesus love,



Rusty Buildings

The recently repainted metal beams that cover the dormhouse porch are starting to rust as the rainy season is here in full. We need to put tin on top of the metal supports or the beams will rust again and we'll need to repaint again.   

To put the tine up is a 6 phase process. Phase 1 is U$350.

If God has blessed in you in a way that you can give more than that the total project is U$2100.

Phase 1 includes: 10 Sheets of Tin, 1 Roll of Insulation, and 1 Gallon of Paint with brushes.

What finishing this process will do.........

You will bless the missionaries living here and the local church, bless visiting local Pastors, and missionaries, keep rain from coming in the dormhouse and stop the door from rotting as the rain is hitting it directly. This porch is used for meetings for visiting missionary groups and completing it will be a great blessing for all these groups.

Thank you for your prayers and your heart to give in advance. May God richly bless you. A big hello from Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea!



More local leaders! We could also use some chairs

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. “Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Matt 9:37

We have run out of chairs during service. Pray that God provides the chairs and more importantly the leaders to help disciple the new believers and to continue touching our new brothers and sisters in Jesus! 

Electric Bill

We are still short $320 to pay the electric bill for this month. With the rising cost of electricity and the radio station transmitting 24/7 it has become difficult. But God is the master of difficulty who opened up the sea when there was no way. So pray with me that God will open up the way for the radio to be provided for. The electric bill is due the on the 23rd of September shortly. 

Praise be to God! The Electric Bill was paid for the month! Thanks to all who participated!

Juan Antonio

Pray for Juan Antonio's continue growth in Jesus. He is growing in leaps and bounds pray God keeps him from temptation and continues to encourage him! Juan Antonio was known all over town as Rebecca Naranja a gay man that had bright red hair. God has transformed Juan Antonio and completely changed him. He became a Christian in June of 2013. Pray God gives him the courage to share his testimony.

Juan Antonio reconnecting with his family and town in Angostura! 

Juan Antonio reconnecting with his family and town in Angostura! 


A little bit of prayer can go a long way.......

We want to lift up Pastor Carlos and his family that God would give them spiritual and physical strength to endure during this time of trial for them. Pray also for for Pastor Carlos's mom who has been sick for some time.  

Thank you all for your prayers! Pastor Carlos's Mom is doing much better. And is up and on her feet now. God has provided much for the Arteaga Family. Praise God! 

Housing for Pastor Carlos

Pastor Carlos has been living in a run down home with his mother for a while now, and we are praying for the Lord's provision to purchase some property to build him a descent place to live. Please pray with us that the Lord would bless this faithful servant and his family with a place to live! 

Thank you Jesus in August God provided for the Arteaga family with a new roof!