Home Bible Study

We hold home bible studies every Tuesday evening in one of the local homes.  Usually, we have the bible studies in the homes of those that are visiting the church.  Sometimes we are invited into the homes of others.

Unlike most home bible studies in the states, we do not meet in one home on a continual basis.  We have a list where people can sign up and volunteer their home for a bible study.  We begin the time with worship where we sing in the traditional worship style of Nicaragua (Cadena de coros).  We then open it up for anyone who might want to sing.  After worship, there is a time for people to share testimonies or bible verses.  The home owner then has the opportunity to give a welcome and an encouraging word.  After all this, we do a short bible study.  We finish the night with a time of fellowship, drinking coffee, and eating sweet bread.

The purpose of this time is to reach out to the community and to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ to not only come to know the Lord but also to maintain fellowship.  There are some people that don't feel comfortable coming to a church, but will come to a home.  The home bible studies serve as a tool to bring people into the church family whom otherwise might not come to church.

Please pray that God would give us great fruit in this ministry and that people would be encouraged to walk with Christ.  Pray that God would use the leaders and that people would grow spiritually through this time of fellowship with each other and with God.