Praise Report and Prayer Requests September 2018

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Praise Report

*The women’s dorm roofing was installed (pic to left) just short the men’s.

*The medical outreach was a huge blessing to the community.

*Tino rededicated his life to Jesus.


  • Pray for October 20th outreach to youth in park. It will be done with modern music pray for favor on this. As many pastors in the city are legalistic and may take offense at using modern christian music. The target group are youth and adults that do not go to church. Pray for the Spiritual and physical preparation.

  • For the Holy Spirit to move in fresh new ways and people would be open to this.

  • Provision to finish painting the dormhouse structure and changing damaged beams before the roofing tiles are installed.

  • God would help Erickson and others in the church find work.

April 2017 Prayer Requests

Please Pray for the following:

For the people of Nueva Guinea

  1. Strengthing of the Church in Jesus

  2. That those couples that have not been married would.

  3. For Judith and her future operation for healing.

  4. Pastor Carlos for strength physically and spiritually.

  5. For Sarah her lungs have not gotten back to normal after months with pneumonia.

  6. That God would give wisdom to the new families in Jesus on how to lead their families in Jesus.

  7. Music teacher especially for piano

  8. New teachers for youth center and for children's church


  1. For Greg who is recovering from bronchitis that he'd have a full recovery.

  2. For Angela for strength spiritually and physically. For blessing for her upcoming furlough

  3. For Greg and Angelas residency that it would be renewed.

Projects - large

  1. New Roofing

  2. New radio tower with wind power

  3. For the restart of bible college

  4. Painting of the facility

Projects - small

  1. Storage cabinets for the kids class

  2. 30 small chairs for kids

  3. Old and New Testament Reina Valera 1960 Bibles

  4. New sound mixer

  5. New projector

  6. Washer and dryer

  7. Electric drum

In Jesus Love from Greg and all in Nueva Guinea!

June Prayer Requests

2 Corinthians 3:17 says But we all, with open face beholding a  in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

What a privilege that we can be transformed into God's image. And what a wake up call that we can only do it through a continued walk with Jesus by faith in what he can do in it us. It brings a liberty that can be easily be stolen by works based teaching. 

Prayer requests:

Click on Video for new prayer requests

February 2016 Prayer Requests

First of all we'd like to thank all of you that have been praying for us and the ministry here in Nueva Guinea. It is not emphasized enough that without prayer God holds back what he wants to give and to do in our lives and in  the ministries he has placed us in. So thank you for your prayers. Prayer for us is something important and even more important than cheerful giving. Thanks again!

Prayer Requests for February:

  • For the maturity of those currently being discipled. And for their protection. (Larri, Norlan, Evert, Ismania, Juneyci, and Julie) These are all youth that are high school age and young adults. 
  • For new marriages with those that are together but not married. 
  •  Pastor Carlos's kids are starting school. Carla in high school, Judith first year of High school! And Sarai in elementary. 
  • For the School Ministry. Angela will be in the school in Zone 5 and Zone 7. Pray for her. 
  • For protection and healing from sickness. Many mosquito born illnesses. Zika, Dengue, Chikanguñia. 
  • For a filling of the Holy Spirit in the Church. For purity and a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.
  • Danny is in his last year in High school pray for direction for his life as he prays about going into the military. Danny has been serving on the worship team and has been one of the most faithful youth in the church.
  • Katherine - youth for healing from physical illnesses she has had and for steadfastness as she serves the Lord.
  • For a New Radio Tower and wind turbines to run the radio station and the facility electric.
  • For monthly financial giving toward the ministry. 
  • For the spirits direction in the life of Hector and Deanna Chavez as they lead the youth. 

Thanks again for ministering with us!

Victory in Jesus!

Upcoming Events and things to keep in prayer. 

There is a lot of spiritual warfare going on and with that the enemy is looking to distract and destroy the body. As scripture shows this is his job. We are however more than conquerors in Jesus and his victory on the cross. 

The enemy has been attacking on several fronts. 

Please be in prayer over the following issues:

Disobedience in the church 

Couples that live together and have not yet married

Youth and adults that are grounded on God's word

That God would bring fruit from the discipleship classes with Pastor Carlos. 

That the Holy Spirit would raise up disciples that reproduce.

For sheep that God loves but have gone astray. There are many. Yovani, Tatiana, Kati, Elmer, Duvan, Soliet, Dona Nicholasa and her husband who has many addictions and many others.

For strength and vision for

Cesar, Don Lorenzo and family, William's family - william went to spain for a year,

Bismarc, Yeltsin, Moises that God would give them calling and they would draw closer to him.

For the church, that they would have a heart of prayer. A hunger and thirst to know Jesus more.

Upcoming Events:

This Sunday the 26th will be having service at the river pray for a good turnout and for the message. Tuesday 21st Home Bible Study at Tania's house at 6pm, Wednesday service 7pm, Friday youth center 6pm, Saturday Evangelism and Women's study. 

Pastor's Conference 2014

The 2014 Central American Pastor's Conference is coming up the 03-06 of November. Pastor Carlos needs U$200 to go this year as it will be held in Guatemala. 

Theses conferences have been a great encouragement to him being able to get to know other Calvary Chapel Pastors from Central America and all over the world. Prayerfully consider giving toward this and blessing Pastor Carlos. More blessed is to give than to receive.

In Jesus, 

Brother Greg


Greg's Residency and Angela's residency are coming up for renewal. Pray for them both. Greg has had his residency for 7 years now. After 5 years the law states you should get a cheaper residency card that lasts 5 years instead of 1 year. He has yet to get that card as they say it is up to the discretion of the boss. Will be going back to Immigration the week of the 09SEP14 so pray that they give the 5 year card but always we trust God will provide what is needed.

******************************I got the card, they gave me a one year one and it took all day but thank you Jesus and for your prayers! Continue to pray as Angela should be renewing hers shortly.

Updated Prayer List

Pray for the leaders Here at CCNG for vision, faithfulness, and strength to finish what God has called us to do. 

Pray for Amy who is doing worship and has started a dance ministry. That she would be encouraged in her walk and continue to walk in the strength of Jesus. 

For the missionaries that are sick this week with the flu.

Pray for Pastor Carlos and Family for wisdom with the church on how and what to do. He's currently praying about starting an Inductive Bible Study Course with the church. Pray for that.

Also continue to pray that God would provide Pastor Carlos and family with a new house. The wood in the old one is rotted.

Pray for more teachers, for the Home bible study ministry that God would raise up a teacher to run that. 

Pray the Radio tower gets replaced and God provides for that. 

The Rec Room is half way built and is starting to rust. Pray that God provides the money not only to maintain the building from rust but to finish it. 

The rainy season is here and we need no rain gutters the ones we had broke from age and we need some more to keep the water out and to prevent damage to buildings. 

The steel beams of the radio building and church need to be repainted as they are starting to rust. Pray for that.

Pray for the church in Nueva Guinea by name

Brother William will be in charge of getting the church involved with a new ministry this month - visiting those who are discouraged and those who have strayed in their walks. The list shows some of the leaders and those that need prayer

You can pray for them by name below.

Pastor Carlos and family - For spiritual strength and physical strength, knowledge and wisdom on how to guide the church. 

Greg - For physical and spiritual strength. For personal and church revival. Greg is the ministry administrator, works the radio, with youth, and worship.

Chavez Family - Pray for Hector, Deanna, and little Nahtanael for spiritual and physical strength. For knowledge and wisdom with the youth. Hector works with the youth, worship, teaches Wednesday night and Sunday night with the youth. Deanna serves in youth ministry and is a full-time mom. She also works in finances and does Calvary Cafe on Wednesday nights.

Angela - For encouragement, physical and spiritual strength. Angela does youth center, disciples Keity and Julissa, does Calvary Cafe on Sunday evenings, English class, and hospital ministry.

Nubia - For spiritual and physical strength, wisdom in her ministries. Nubia is a missionary here. She serves in the hospital ministry, market ministry, with the youth, and cafe ministries.

Bismarc - That God would provide for him financially. That he would have a secure place to sleep. He is an usher and does announcements at the church.

Jhonny - That God would help him to continue to grow in Jesus. Jhonny is an usher and does sound in the church.

Yeltsin -That he would not be distracted by the things of this world. For wisdom. Yeltsin serves as usher and in sound.

Katherine- That Katherine would not be distracted by the things of this world, especially other youth her age that walk after the things of the world. Pray she would continue to grow in Jesus and mature. Katherine serves in cafe, children's ministry, internship, and in worship.

Danny - A youth that does sound and worship. He is half way through inductive bible study and just 14 years old. Pray that he would have courage to stand for Jesus among other youth that make fun of God. That he would grow in the word becoming mature spiritually as God has many great things waiting for him.

Doña Carla - Danny's mom, pray for her faithfulness to come to service. And for encouragement. For her husband Leonardo's salvation. That her two older sons, Milton and Norlan, would return to Jesus.

Elmer - Youth who has walked away from the Lord.

Sister Linette - Came faithfully but hasn't been coming for some time

Abel and Keyling - Pray Jesus would be before their daily jobs.

Sister Jaqueline - encouragement

Sister Jaylin - encouragement

Noel and Duvan - two youths that received Jesus and were baptized. They have walked away. Pray that they would return to Jesus

Monica - Monica is an English teacher who visits occasionally. Pray for strength, healing, and encouragement.

Ignacio and Loubianca - That God would strengthen their marriage and prepare them for leadership

Diego and Glomar - That God would give them a servant's hearts and show them where to serve in church

Gilma and family - That Gilma would return to the Lord and train up her three daughters in the way of the Lord.

Vilma - That God would encourage her and her son. That her work wouldn't get in the way of her walk and that God would provide sufficiently to make that possible. That she would grow as she goes through discipleship with Gabriella.

Giovanni and Tanya - This couple has been together for many years. Pray that God would give them a heart to get married. That work would not get in the way of their walks with Jesus.

Julissa - Encouragement for her and her 2 kids. God would help her grow as she is going through discipleship with Angela.

Vladimir - That God would heal the broken relationships in his life. That he'd marry the person he's with or separate from her, as he lives with a lady and their kids. He lives 30 minutes away on bike.

Odanel - That he'd grow in the word. That God would choose who should disciple him.

Doña Petrona - Encouragement to be strong in Jesus and to come to service more.

Diomedes and Maria Lusia- Encouragement to be strong in Jesus and to come to service. They've grown cold and stopped coming.

Doña Juana - Encouragement to be strong in Jesus and to come to service more.

Moises Toruño and his parents - Moises studies English at the university, is an usher in the church, but gets distracted. Pray he is able take advantage of his time to seek Jesus. Pray for his parents who listen to the word but still haven't made a decision for Jesus.

Danilo - For his wife that is Catholic. He has the heart of giving and has given a cow for the church. Pray for his wife that that she would want to serve only Jesus like her husband.

Cinthya - A youth that received Jesus but is being pulled away by ungoldly friends. Pray that she would walk wisely in whom she chooses to be her friends.

Carmen and Julio - Spiritual growth

Doña Rosa - Spiritual growth

Doña Estela - Spiritual growth

Daniel and Nielka - That God would show them where they need to serve in the church and they would continue to grow in the Lord and not grow cold.

Don Lorenzo and family - For healing for Doña Esmerelda, Nubia's mom. She has severe pain in her arm and shoulder. For strength for Don Lorenzo and that he would grow in Jesus.



Currently we are behind in the Internet and phone bills

When the Israelites were going to go and conquer the city of Aaii under the leadership of Joshua they didn't fail because only a small number went up, but because someone in camp had disobeyed God. As we seek to walk in obedience to God we can see his victory, and as challenges and trials come, we can be confident in God's provision and power.

Some of our bills are overdue and soon services may be cut off. The enemy thinks he's winning but the battle belongs to the Lord!

The radio station sends out a signal through the internet and so Radio Calvario can be heard in in all parts of the world in Spanish. And also allows the missionaries and the church communicate with friends and family. If you look at modern warfare, to disable the enemy, you take out their communications. For us here our communications are the internet and phone lines. But thank Jesus that our communications with God can never be cut.

Currently we are behind in the Internet and phone bills. We need U$140 to keep the services on, so keep that in Prayer. God always provides the necessities. I praise him for providing me with food today and that at present the radio is still functioning, the internet is still on, and the phones still work. Praise Him for he is worthy!

Lord give us clean hearts free us from any impurity. That we may have victory in your name. Give us obedient hearts that we may walk into those promised territories that you have shown us. Expand the territory of the Radio Station and bind the enemy that would attack the Radio and your missionaries.

Love you guys, praise to His name!


Painting the Church Roof

The Need

In Nicaragua the humidity is very high and things rust very fast. The church roof is showing 1st signs of rust. It must be painted before the roof is damaged. The cost to paint the roof with anti corrosive paint is U$160. This will make sure the people in the church and the church equipment does not get wet during services. Keep this in prayer! And that God would provide.  

Praise Report!

Thanks first of all to Jesus who provided and second of all to Robert who is from a Calvary Chapel in Managua for coming down and painting the church. He came with his wife and 2 kids. They were a blessing and we thank God for their visit and heart for the Lord.

Click below to change and view the pictures!

Sound Board

Our sound board is on its very last leg. To get it to work you have to find the sweet spot in the channels so that the sound works. And then the audio doesn't come through that great. Which is bad for a radio station because we can potentially loose listeners. The live church broadcasts also don't come out the best and you notice the drop in quality.

So we're praying for a new one as God sees and provides.

Drying Clothes and hot water

In the states having dry clothes and taking hot showers is a given. In Nicaragua the people here are used to living without hot water and drying there clothes outside. God, however, did provide for hot water heaters here and for a dryer to dry the clothes but we are currently out of natural gas tanks. In the states you just plug into a natural gas line from your street. Here, however we don't have that luxury so we buy gas tanks. When we use all the gas tanks we have to buy more. Currently we are out of gas tanks.
So that means clothes on the line and cold showers which I don't mind too much, but there are others to consider. A year old baby, a mother, and other missionaries. If you'd like to help get the gas back on we would appreciate it. Praise God for he always gives what we need he deserves all the credit. Robert a missionary from Managua just came to visit and he didn't believe a small church from Azusa could do all this at the church here, and really God has used many different people, many other churches like Calvary Chapel Rhode Island and others as well, but we give God credit, with him all is possible.

Cost to get the gas back up and running U$130


The Association Ministerio De Gracia Internacional

Each year the church association must renew its enrollment with the government. This is important for us because it allows us to work here without being taxed on everything. If we don't have the paperwork renewed annually than we might be faced with paying for taxes on the property and everything that God provided for the ministry here.

So it is really important to get this done. We have a lawyer do this for us in Managua and right now we are about U$250 short to get it done. This will need to be done in January and is good for the rest of the year. So prayerfully consider meeting this need as God leads. God has really been faithful and it is awesome that he wants to use many different people to be part of his work.

Praise Report: Beds for Pastor Carlos' Girls!

A couple of months ago, we posted a prayer request stating that Pastor Carlos' girls needed new beds to sleep on. They were all sharing one bed that was very old and dirty. You can read the prayer request here.

Today we are excited to tell you that God was faithful in providing new beds to bless Pastor Carlos' three daughters! Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. The girls were thrilled to receive brand new beds. They are still sharing a room, but now each of them have their own bed. Praise God!

Look at that beautiful smile! 

All three went straight to the top bunk

Thank you Father for providing!

Monthly Support for Radio Calvario (Calvary Radio)

Radio Calvario is a radio station here in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua that reaches all types of people including farmers, taxi drivers, and cattle drivers. The Radio reaches the town of Nueva Guinea which is over 100,000 people. Many of which do not know the Jesus or have fallen away from Jesus. The Radio touches people day and night.

One of the hardest jobs is working nights. Taxi drivers in the high humidity Nueva Guinea listen to the radio all night as they work and it becomes like AC for their souls. A former farmer and cowboy, Juanerge said I listen to it every night from 8pm to 5am. In the past we stayed at the farm he took care of for a youth retreat. The youth loved it! Others listen when they can't sleep in their homes as God's word and worship is transmitted throughout the night to thirsty hearers. "At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto you because of your righteous judgments." (Psalms 119:62)  Men and women praise God at all hours of the day. Julio who works in the market said when the radio was out one day, "We need the radio." Marlin who sells snacks to the kids that come out of school said the same thing. Julio said, "I want to help in what ever way he could and he printed out free flyers for a radio event that we had. Are you helping in whatever way you can?

Sadly we have come close to the point where we may have to turn the radio off during the night. We are past due on the electric bill which was due the 25th of October. We are praying for people who can give monthly support for the radio station. With 35 people giving a minimum $20 a month we can keep the radio station on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you can give U$50 that's only 14 supporters a month. Or U$100 that is only 7 supporters.

That is the minimum to support the radio station. If you cannot give look for someone who can. God loves a hilarious giver. If you can't give you can give with your time looking for someone that can give.

Pray God provides for this and consider giving and/or looking for someone to give.

In brotherly love,,

,Greg at Radio Calvario



Pastor's Conference Bus Fare

The annual Central American Pastor's conference is coming up in Guatemala this year. The conference had a profound affect on Pastor Carlos last year. He is very excited for the chance to go to his second conference! To be there on time we need to leave the 1st of November. From Nueva Guinea we will have a 3 day bus ride to Guatemala. We need U$450 For myself, Pastor Carlos, and Bismarc (on of our leaders) to go to the Pastor's and Leadership conference in Antigua, Guatemala. We plan on going in bus first to Calvary Chapel in Managua whom will be taking us in one night and then  second to Calvary Chapel in San Salvador whom are going to take us in for another night on the way there to save on hotels. Please pray about giving or give I know that this conference will have a lasting impact on the ministry here in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua.

We all love to be blessed so why not bless someone else the way we love to be blessed. Consider blessing the church in Nueva Guinea by blessing them with this conference.