"So let each give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or out of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver." - 2 Corinthians 9:7

Radio Tower Replacement and Wind Power

Radio Calvario or Calvary Radio 99.7 FM is a christian station that is modeled after KWAVE Radio in southern California with verse by verse bible teaching and worship, However the entire radio station is in Spanish. We cover the area of Nueva Guinea Nicaragua and the surrounding regions. The radio station tower was built over 15 years ago and is now in need of replacement. The entire tower is now beyond repair and must be replaced soon. This project I would say is #1 on the list of things we're praying for. Current estimated costs to get the tower replaced is approximately U$10,000. Our design engineer and radio founder comes in June-July every year we're praying the funds can be there for this summer. Our radio tower is above the youth center and where kids play it must be replaced. To give Click Here. For current progress on the tower and to notify of a donation email us here.

  1. Step 1: Build Temporary Radio Tower (U$3000) includes Airfare for radio tech and tower cost. So far God has provided U$250 toward this.
  2. Step 2: Tear down old tower
  3. Step 3: Build New Permanent Radio Tower U$50,000

We are also praying for a wind turbine system to run the radio station and facility on Wind power. The cost of electricity here is huge and we'd like to minimize that so we can allocate wisely what God provides for the ministry.

Pastoral Housing Project

Pastor Carlos Arteaga and his family live in a house that is about a thirty minute walk away from the church.  This old house is in poor condition.  Also, the wooden supports are rotting.

We have been praying about purchasing a property that is close to our missions facility and building the Arteaga family a new home for a while now.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider giving towards this project so that we can bless Pastor Carlos and his family who has faithfully served with us for many years and so that the Arteaga family can minister more effectively.

Phase #1 would be buying the empty lot. An empty lot here is approximately U$5000. Then there is the building of the house. Be sure to email Greg to say you gave specifically to this project.


Dormhouse Roof Replacement

The dormhouse roof is over 10 years old. This roof covers the men's and women's dorm for missionaries and visitors, the kitchen and common area. It is about 10 years old now. And we have to fix the roof every few weeks. We need a new roof. Cost is U$1700. If God buts it on your heart to give toward this project contact us and visit our donate section of the website it is possible to do this in 3 phases so every little bit helps Phase 1: U$500. God bless you!

Laundry Room Roof Replacement

The Laundry Room roof needs replacing. The cost for this is U$370. Click here to Donate. And let us know here that you donated toward the laundry room.

Rainwater Management

Here in Nueva Guinea, we have almost nine months of rain.  During the rainy season, it rains heavily on a daily basis.  It is important that we control where this rain water flows in order to prevent flooding.  Currently, there are no rain gutters on the apartments.  A couple of months ago, a storm knocked them off while breaking some of the Plycem (fiber cement board).  We need to purchase new rain gutters for the apartments and also Plycem to support the rain gutters.  We are also in need of new rain gutters for the dorm house since some of them broke.

Before we can work on the church driveway, we need to install a drainage system to control flooding near the church sanctuary.  In heavy rain, the driveway area floods with water.  We need to purchase PVC and rain gutters for the church.

Second Classroom

We recently painted the second classroom, and it is now being used for youth bible studies on Sunday nights.  In order to make it a more effective place for teaching God's word, we need to furnish the second classroom with a cabinet.  The youth are excited and growing.  Please prayerfully consider giving so that these young believers can continue to grow and affect the world with the gospel.

A whiteboard and chairs were provided thank you Jesus! Just need the cabinet and to repaint.

Spanish Study Materials for Church Leaders

There are a number of adults currently going through the minsitry training courses.  It is our desire to equip them to be leaders, teachers, and pastors.  In order to be able to do this, we need Spanish study materials. 

If you are interested in supporting a church leader or missionary, consider giving here You can email to notify you donated toward this. 


Missions Facility Repaint

God has provided us here with some wonderful buildings, but they need maintenance.  The apartment buildings were built to bless missionary families and visiting families by giving them a place of their own.  The dorm house and radio buildings are also vital for ministry here in Nicaragua.  They provide shelter, a place to work on the radio, and a place to seek God.

In Nicaragua with 80% humidity and almost year round rain, the paint wears out fast and metal rusts.  Metal structures and buildings need to be re-sanded and repainted.  Please pray that God provides for this project.

If God puts it in your heart to give toward a specific project email Greg. All Donations can be given here.