Hospital Ministry

Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon, Nubia and Angela go to the public hospital here in Nueva Guinea to visit with, encourage, refresh, and read the Bible with those who are sick and weary.  There is only one hour allowed for visitors each day and the rest of the time the patients are alone.  In each room there are ten beds and at times up to twenty people have to share them.  At this hospital medicine is not always available and at times there is no water.  There is no air conditioning and few fans.  Not even the basic needs of toilet paper, soap, or water are provided.  The sanitary and moral levels are very low which gives much opportunity for ministry.  The people in the hospital are always open to hearing about the one true source of comfort.

Many people in the hospital have come from farms or colonies far away where there are no churches to visit and no electricity.  Many of them cannot read and don’t have a radio to listen to.  These circumstances create a great need for evangelism and encouragement.  We go to meet that need and to minister to them with God’s comforting word.  Many times they just sit and listen as we read the scriptures with them.

In the gospel of Matthew, Christ said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Many of the people in the hospital are weary and burdened.  Some are scared and don’t have much hope.  We know that Christ gives us rest.  We go the hospital to share the love of Christ so that the patients  and their families can experience Christ’s peace, love, and rest.

Currently, only Angela and Nubia go to the hospital but there is much more need and opportunity than they can meet in just that one hour of visiting time.  Please pray for more laborers for this ministry. Also pray for word of wisdom and word of knowledge for Angela and Nubia as they seek to share a special message for each unique situation.  Many people receive Jesus in this ministry.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in their lives and that they would follow earnestly after Him even when they go back to their homes where they are far away from any church or congregation.

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