The information in these pages is meant to help you as you travel to or from Nicaragua, specifically our facility in Nueva Guinea. While tailored to our ministry, these pages should help anyone seeking residency or traveling to Nicaragua. While we have diligently attempted to produce accurate information, times, governments, and policies change on an almost daily basis in Nicaragua. Also, we are not lawyers or travel agents, so the information is provided as-is, and you should use it at your own risk. Always verify medications and vaccines with your doctor, and do your research before attempting legal procedures. That said, we hope the following information is helpful as you prepare to visit Nicaragua! 


    Applying for Residency
    Your Sponsor
    Gathering Documents
    Turning In Your Application
    Renewing Your Residency


    What to Expect
    Prepare for Your Trip
    Funding Your Trip
    Passports and Visas
    Vaccines and Medicines
    Travel Money
    Teams Contact Form