What To Expect When You Come

God has blessed us in Calvary Chapel Nueva Guinea with a facility which accommodates live-in missionaries, visiting missionaries and teams, a church, and radio station. There is a men's and women's dorm, a kitchen and common area, and running showers with hot water. We have tried very hard to make the facility comfortable to a teams coming from the states so that they may be focused as much as possible on ministry while they are here.

The Food is hand prepared by the local missionaries and is up to North American standards. Bottled water is also available at the facility. Sodas are available at the facility to purchase for your convenience.  

There are 2 seasons in Nicaragua the wet and the dry season. The climate is a rainforest climate. The wet season is from May to December and the dry season is from January to April.  

The people here are of indigenous and Spanish descent. There are some Catholics, christian, and also some animist beliefs. The greatest need for the people of Nueva Guinea is a closer walk with the Lord by  a deeper knowledge of His Word. Few read the whole bible.