Men's Ministry

The focus of Men's Ministry is fellowship.  Every second Saturday of the month, we get together to spend time with one another and to fellowship as brothers in Christ.  We use this time as an opportunity to encourage and exhort the brothers to be men after God's own heart.

We have a short time of study in the word and worship, and then we do various activities with the men of the church.  We watch movies, play games, and sometimes go fishing and on other trips.  

In Nicaragua, forming relationships is essential.  In the states, talking to strangers is not a social norm.  People love to talk in Nicaragua.  They like to greet each other in passing.  They want to know that you genuinely care and are interested in them and in their lives.  This means that ministry here requires us to have a closer relationship with the people if we want to be effective. That is the primary reason for this ministry so that the brothers may have the time to form Goldy relationships.

Many of the men here are extremely laid back.  We want to encourage these men to grow in Christ and to lead their families.  Most of the men in our group are married and have children.  We want to encourage them to be the fathers and husbands that God has called them to be.  We also want to show them that we can have fun together as brothers in the Lord. 

Please pray that God uses this time to minister and encourage the men in the church to be Godly leaders in their households, in their churches, and in their communities.