February 2016 Prayer Requests

First of all we'd like to thank all of you that have been praying for us and the ministry here in Nueva Guinea. It is not emphasized enough that without prayer God holds back what he wants to give and to do in our lives and in  the ministries he has placed us in. So thank you for your prayers. Prayer for us is something important and even more important than cheerful giving. Thanks again!

Prayer Requests for February:

  • For the maturity of those currently being discipled. And for their protection. (Larri, Norlan, Evert, Ismania, Juneyci, and Julie) These are all youth that are high school age and young adults. 
  • For new marriages with those that are together but not married. 
  •  Pastor Carlos's kids are starting school. Carla in high school, Judith first year of High school! And Sarai in elementary. 
  • For the School Ministry. Angela will be in the school in Zone 5 and Zone 7. Pray for her. 
  • For protection and healing from sickness. Many mosquito born illnesses. Zika, Dengue, Chikangu├▒ia. 
  • For a filling of the Holy Spirit in the Church. For purity and a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.
  • Danny is in his last year in High school pray for direction for his life as he prays about going into the military. Danny has been serving on the worship team and has been one of the most faithful youth in the church.
  • Katherine - youth for healing from physical illnesses she has had and for steadfastness as she serves the Lord.
  • For a New Radio Tower and wind turbines to run the radio station and the facility electric.
  • For monthly financial giving toward the ministry. 
  • For the spirits direction in the life of Hector and Deanna Chavez as they lead the youth. 

Thanks again for ministering with us!