Victory in Jesus!

Upcoming Events and things to keep in prayer. 

There is a lot of spiritual warfare going on and with that the enemy is looking to distract and destroy the body. As scripture shows this is his job. We are however more than conquerors in Jesus and his victory on the cross. 

The enemy has been attacking on several fronts. 

Please be in prayer over the following issues:

Disobedience in the church 

Couples that live together and have not yet married

Youth and adults that are grounded on God's word

That God would bring fruit from the discipleship classes with Pastor Carlos. 

That the Holy Spirit would raise up disciples that reproduce.

For sheep that God loves but have gone astray. There are many. Yovani, Tatiana, Kati, Elmer, Duvan, Soliet, Dona Nicholasa and her husband who has many addictions and many others.

For strength and vision for

Cesar, Don Lorenzo and family, William's family - william went to spain for a year,

Bismarc, Yeltsin, Moises that God would give them calling and they would draw closer to him.

For the church, that they would have a heart of prayer. A hunger and thirst to know Jesus more.

Upcoming Events:

This Sunday the 26th will be having service at the river pray for a good turnout and for the message. Tuesday 21st Home Bible Study at Tania's house at 6pm, Wednesday service 7pm, Friday youth center 6pm, Saturday Evangelism and Women's study.