Pastor's Conference Bus Fare

The annual Central American Pastor's conference is coming up in Guatemala this year. The conference had a profound affect on Pastor Carlos last year. He is very excited for the chance to go to his second conference! To be there on time we need to leave the 1st of November. From Nueva Guinea we will have a 3 day bus ride to Guatemala. We need U$450 For myself, Pastor Carlos, and Bismarc (on of our leaders) to go to the Pastor's and Leadership conference in Antigua, Guatemala. We plan on going in bus first to Calvary Chapel in Managua whom will be taking us in one night and then  second to Calvary Chapel in San Salvador whom are going to take us in for another night on the way there to save on hotels. Please pray about giving or give I know that this conference will have a lasting impact on the ministry here in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua.

We all love to be blessed so why not bless someone else the way we love to be blessed. Consider blessing the church in Nueva Guinea by blessing them with this conference.